Agent Opportunities

CARGO LINK EXPRESS USA is Seeking 12 Principle Agents
Are you currently an independent agent for a logistics company? Do you have to compete or sometimes lose your leads to their inside sales machine?  In general, if you‘re not happy with your current scenario and want to greatly reduce the internal competition while earning more money for your hard work, then we have an unparalleled ground floor opportunity for you.

Quality Agents Only


CARGO LINK EXPRESS USA is seeking just 12 quality agents that have a solid book of business with a minimum of $750K in annual revenue, a minimum of 15% gross margins and current receivables. If you meet these basic requirements then this is an opportunity you will want to learn more about.


  • We are seeking just one (1) principal agent per region, 12 total.  These regions do not limit your ability to sell nationwide.
  • Regions will be “owned” by the principle agent.
  • CARGO LINK EXPRESS’s goal is a systematic controlled growth to just 60 general agents nationwide / 5 per region.
  • As a regional “owner” you will assist in the recruiting of general agents within your region.
  • For every agent you help recruit, you will benefit financially by being compensated a percentage of their sales.
  • As a principle agent you will be a member of the PAC (Principle Agent Committee), which is the leadership committee for this division.


  • Robust web based systems – no additional fees
  • Competitive commission splits – paid weekly
  • Rating, quoting, RFQ response  – and sales support
  • In addition to TL, you will be able to sell – international airfreight solutions
  • All the tools you need to be successful!

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