Express Cargo
Regardless of size, Cargo Link Express Air Cargo meets your urgent, time-critical cargo requirements. The consignment route is meticulously planned and monitored, ensuring arrival as promised – average transit on Express Cargo options are 1 to 3 days for each and every shipment globally.

General Cargo
When time is not of the essence, our ‘General Air Cargo’ option offers individually planned and time-defined services. Ideally suited to price-sensitive cargo with non-urgent transit times, we can offer extended transit times of 6 days+ door to door, monitored from collection through to delivery.

With unique access to cargo aircraft operations around the globe and the industry knowledge needed to transport dangerous goods by air, Cargo Link Express offers options that deliver the safe handling of dangerous goods in air transport. By providing a broad range of technical knowledge, products and services an array of products can be accommodated.

Temperature-sensitive cargo, such as pharmaceuticals, cut flowers, plants and medical samples have very specific handling requirements. They demand the highest care and we are determined that your products will reach final destination in premium condition.

Our global specialist teams ensure that your temperature-controlled cargo reaches its consignee as intended. They have extensive knowledge of individual cargo temperature requirements, a global understanding of the impact of climatic variations and access to a broad range of value-added services.

Strategically located around the world Cargo Link Express ensures that your perishable cargo is cared for by local, expert teams at every point in the journey.